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Engineered to resist oil and heat, these raw-edge, cogged v-belts "X" help provide aggressive gripping with less belt slippage. The cogged construction allows the v-belts to flex easier around drive sheaves and run cooler than non-cogged v-belts. Use in high HP industrial applications that require single or multiple V-belt drives. Most cryogenic pumps use "V" belts with a cogged design "X".

It is best to read the OEM belt number on the belt you have now or your CryoVation pump specification, but if you cannot and you do have a "V" belt, refer to the below:

Understanding the Part Numbering or V Belts. In the example of a 43VX560 or 4/3VX560

  • 4: Joined or Banded, 4 rows of joined belts
  • 3: Top Width, the 3 notes the top width of the belt is 3/8"
  • V: V Belt Design, 40 Deg angle
  • X: Cogged, cogged belt design
  • 560: Length, 56" outside length of the belt when manufactured